Ethics is knowing the difference between what you have a right to do and what is right to do. 


Being positive in a negative situation is not naive. It’s leadership.


It is very important to stay updated with ever changing regime. At KPA, we are committed to provide up to date information to all our clients.

Our team of professionals include 3 FCAs and 3 ACAs, which ensure that quality service is rendered to all.

Professionalism means consistency of quality

We are independent & unbiased in our approach towards our clients. We always provide competent, unbiased & independent guidance to our client.

Professionalism & Quality

Our Principles

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​​Krutesh Patel & Associates

C H A R T E R E D  A C C O U N T A N T S

Transparency & Secrecy

Maintenance of highest level of transparency and secrecy is our 1st priority. 

Welcome to KPA!!! Chartered Accountancy is dynamic profession and we are committed  to provide services through dynamic professionals. 

Established in 1984 by Late Shri Basant K. Baheti, Formerly known as Baheti Bhadada & Associates, our firm has been specialized in various areas concerning taxation, audit, finance and corporate law.

We aim to provide all round services to our all clients in the area of audit, finance, taxation and law. We provide services to various corporate and non corporate entities.

Our aim is to cater to the all needs of the client under the single roof.

Baheti Bhadada and Associates